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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate is an official document describing the energy performance of a particular building and establishes a numerical rating in terms of Energy Performance and Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

  • Energy Use of a building (Kilowatt hours per square metre per year) is the typical amount of energy required for a building to be comfortable for its occupants. The lower the value, the higher efficiency of the building.
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions (kg of CO2 per square metre per year) is a value of how much Carbon Dioxide emissions are being produces in order to produce the required amount of energy within a building. The lower emission of Carbon Dioxide, the more environmentally friendly the building is.

The certificate is a issued after an energy performance assessment is carried out according to LN 261/2008 – Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (Ir-rendiment tal-bini fl-uzu ta’ l-energija) and also includes an advisory/recommendation report, which provides information with regards to ways to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

An EPC must be drawn up by a registered EPC assessor whenever a building is constructed, sold, rented or majorly altered/renovated, by the client or his/her representing agent. It should be given to the buyers/tenants in order for them to be informed on how much energy is required to comfortable live inside that building and to be able to compare it with other potential properties being considered to build, buy or rent. The owner of the property is not obliged by any law to implement the improvement recommendations; however, new buildings must conform to Technical Guidance Document F (Conservation of Fuel, Energy and Natural Resources) as per government notice no. 1002 of 2006.

The certificate is valid for up to 10 years (provided that no major renovation and/or alterations are done) and must be registered with the Malta Resources Authority (MRA) in order to be valid.

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