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Flir E40

Compact, light and easy to handle, this IR camera is ideal for locating overloaded electrical circuits, energy waste, and overheated equipment,

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Stream high-sensitivity, 320×240 pixels images up to 8 Hz on its built-in standard 100 Mb Ethernet interface. The infrared camera works as an automatic control, monitoring and messaging systems with connectivity options like Power over Ethernet, MPEG 4 video streaming … Continue reading

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FLIR ThermaCAM P65

Advanced thermal imaging camera for applications such as thermal research and investigations to predictive maintenance, heat loss surveys and manufacturing. The P65 camera can simultaneously record visual images with its built-in digital camera.

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Combining ergonomics and flexibility with extremely high image quality , the FLIR T640 offers a crisp thermal image of 640×480 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen. An intuitive user interface supported by state-of-the-art touch-screen technology make … Continue reading

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optical gas imaging that visualizes and pinpoints leaks of VOCs, without the need to shut down the operation. Used in industrial settings such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, offshore platforms, chemical/petrochemical industries, and biogas and power generation plants.

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