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Photovoltaic Systems

A complete PV system package consists  not only of the installed PV system but also commissioning, testing and certification complete with supporting documentation. This procedure is essential to ensure the safe and reliable long-term performance of any PV installation. The commissioning stage verifies the system performance and energy output from the PV system.

What does PV Commissioning involve?

Galea Curmi Engineering is committed to provide high quality commissioning and performance verification service to ensure that the PV system is properly installed and performing optimally. The commissioning process may be applied not only to new PV systems but also to existing systems subject to expansion, renovation or repair.

As part of the commissioning process, our service includes safety and workmanship inspection, insulation resistance testing, ground impedance verification, code compliance inspection, system functional performance testing and more.

Galea Curmi Engineering has been involved in the commissioning of numerous PV systems and has strong relations with companies supplying PV systems to assure the operation, reliability and safety of any PV commissioning project.

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