Awarding Strategies using High-Tec Engineering

Electrical power quality and consumption analysis

Our state of the art test equipment enables us to monitor, detect and record critical parameters in any LV electrical system including:

  • power consumption patterns over prolonged period of time
  • harmonic content of electrical loads
  • waveform analysis
  • transient  overvoltage
  • over/ undervoltage
  • flicker  in accordance to IEC 61000-4-15 and EN50160 standardsBy monitoring and recording the electrical load of a building or equipment, we can obtain the power consumption characteristics. This enables our engineers to detect and identify abnormal consumption patterns and recommend corrective measures which, in many cases, leads to considerable cost savings.

Any disturbances in the electrical system, including harmonics, transients and under/overvoltages, which can all lead to premature failure of electrical and electronic appliances, can also be detected by our engineers using our in house power analysers.