Awarding Strategies using High-Tec Engineering

Optical Gas Imaging

Galea Curmi has recognized the potential of optical gas imaging (OGI) and as a result invested in this innovative thermal imaging technology used to detect fugitive gas emissions in a safe and efficient manner. OGI enables our engineers to “see” emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as methane, butane, propane, benzene and other hydrocarbons. The FLIR GF320 camera for gas imaging provides cutting edge technology in the field of OGI and is quickly becoming an industry standard for leak detection and repair, LDAR programmes.

OGI offers significant advantages over the traditional TVA “sniffer” technology namely:

  • Scanning a large number of components simultaneously
  • Efficient and cost effective scanning method
  • Very easy to scan equipment which is difficult to reach
  • Identify exact location of leaks in real time
  • Greatly improves operator safety by detecting emissions at a safe distance
  • The operator can record live thermal video for reporting
  • Our engineers are fully trained to carry out optical gas imaging with the FLIR

GF320 in industrial environments such as:
oil refineries

  • natural gas processing plants
  • offshore platforms
  • oil and gas storage facilities
  • chemical/petrochemical industries
  • biogas and power generation plants
  • landfills