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FLIR T400-Series LWIR Cameras

FLIR T400-Series Cameras

Portable, ergonomic, and easy-to-use, FLIR’s T-Series infrared cameras provide excellent infrared image quality at an affordable cost and are packed with innovative features that make them perfect choices for your research and scientific needs.

FLIR T430sc/T450sc Camera Features

  • 320 × 240 LWIR resolution with interchangeable lenses and up to 8× e-zoom
  • Low noise with NETD of <30mk
  • Integrated daylight camera
  • On-camera measurement tools and analytics
  • On-camera real time temperature calibrated movie recording at 60fps
  • Ergonomic design with rotating optical block
  • New easy to navigate user interface
  • Includes ResearchIR 4.0 software
  • MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement
  • UltraMax™ for up to 640×480 pixel thermal resolution