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Born out of five decades of infrared expertise and a keen understanding of the expert’s needs, FLIR’s new T1K offers outstanding infrared performance, with no sacrifice or compromise. FLIR’s flagship T1K redefines the limits of infrared imaging: true HD resolution, precision lenses like no others on the market, more than twice the thermal sensitivity of legacy uncooled systems, and the ergonomics and responsive user interface needed to make your workday easier.

Find hidden hot spots faster, measure more accurately,
and be the hero with FLIR’s infrared powerhouse, the T1K.

Outstanding Image Clarity, Exceptional Optics, and Features Designed for the Expert

FLIR T1K infrared cameras are designed for thermography experts who need the highest quality without compromise. With full HD resolution, outstanding thermal sensitivity, and FLIR-exclusive optics designed specifically for HDIR detectors, the T1K raises the bar on performance.

Exceptional Measurement Performance

When you need the most accurate temperature measurements, from wide-angle to telephoto.

  • FLIR OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system provides the highest fidelity imagery in the industry, and the ability to pin-point the smallest anomalies from farther away
  • Unique optical path architecture prevents heat sources outside the field of view from skewing temperature readings
  • FLIR ambient temperature compensation system uses multiple sensors to help ensure correct measurements, whatever the conditions
  • Continuous autofocus and manual focus modes, plus dynamic focus control adjusts to your touch, customizing to the way you work

Outstanding Image Clarity

An extraordinarily sensitive detector, enhanced by FLIR Vision Processing™

  • The FLIR Vision Processor™ delivers the best, most detailed, and smoothest images with the least amount of noise, thanks to MSX®, UltraMax™, and our proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms
  • 1024 × 768 detector offers more than 750,000 temperature measurement points per image, and more than 3.1 million with UltraMax™
  • MSX® patented multi spectral image enhancement embosses visual details onto the full resolution thermal image, providing perspective to the scene and allowing you to read text and labels
  • Thermal sensitivity of <0.02° C, more than 2× better than the industry standard for low noise imagery

Ease of Use

Compact design, rotating optical block, and responsive user interface take the strain out of site surveys.

  • Compact, streamlined design takes the stress out of a day-long list of inspections
  • The bright LCD, high resolution viewfinder, and 120° rotating optical block put any target within comfortable viewing range
  • Four programmable buttons, two programmable measurement functions
  • Backed by the best protection for any infrared camera, with a 10-year detector warranty

Powerful Radiometric Reports

From wireless connectivity to one-click instant reports, the T1K makes your daily work easier.

  • Radiometric recording of full resolution video at 30 Hz allows for dynamic post analysis
  • Images are captured in FLIR’s radiometric JPEG format, allowing you to measure the temperature of every pixel, as well as refine levels and change palettes during post processing
  • Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset, or add text notes and sketches to images through the touchscreen keypad
  • One click Rapid Report™ generation streamlines your reporting and analysis work flow
  • Wi-Fi communication with other smart devices for fast image sharing, remote control and viewing, and quick reporting from the field