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Refrigerant Leak Detection

The FLIR GF304 detects refrigerant gas leaks without interrupting or shutting down operations in food production, storage and retail; pharmaceutical; automotive; and air conditioning. Detecting refrigerant gas leaks early can save on costly replenishment and limit environmental impact.

Refrigerant gases are highly toxic, environmentally harmful and heavily regulated. Leaks gone unchecked are problematic on many levels, from the safety of employees to the public relations and financial impact on your company. Using the optical gas imaging capabilities of GF304 can lead to early detection and immediate confirmation that a repair has been properly implemented.

Key Features

  • Visualize gas leaks in real time
  • Fully calibrated for temperature measurement applications
  • Embedded GPS data in reporting
  • Inspect without interrupting production
  • Reduce inspection time
  • Trace leaks to source
  • Spot leaks close by or meters away
  • Verification of repair

Makes Reporting Easy

Images from FLIR GF-Series infrared cameras are recordable to any off-the-shelf video recorder for easy archiving and documentation.

Gases Detected

The FLIR GF304 infrared camera can detect the following gases:

  • R404A
  • R407C
  • R410A
  • R134A
  • R417A
  • R422A
  • R507A
  • R143A
  • R125
  • R245fa