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FLIR A8000sc Series MWIR Cameras

FLIR A8000sc-Series MWIR Infrared Cameras

The A8000sc-Series are compact and highly sensitive MWIR cameras that record crisply detailed, low noise HD images. These cameras offer the short exposure times needed to freeze motion and achieve accurate thermal measurements. In fact, the cameras’ image output can be windowed to increase frame rates and accurately characterize even higher speed thermal events, helping ensure critical data doesn’t get missed during testing.

The A8200sc and A8300sc stream thermal data over Gigabit Ethernet and CoaExpress to a PC for live image viewing and recording so users can easily monitor, analyze, and share data through FLIR’s ResearchIR software or compatible third-party software. These cameras also offer full user control over integration times, frame rates, synchronization inputs, and window sizes. All of these features make the A8000sc-Series the perfect tool for thermal electronics inspection, thermal microscopy, materials non-destructive testing, failure analysis, aerial thermal mapping, and industrial R&D applications.

FLIR A8000sc-Series MWIR Infrared Camera Features

  • True HD Imagery with 1024 x 1024 (A8200sc) or 1280 × 720 (A8300sc) pixel resolution
  • High sensitivity low noise <20mK
  • Small target measurement down to 4.5 μm
  • HD-SDI video output
  • Wide choice of optics