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FLIR CM82 Power Clamp Meter

True RMS Power Clamps

FLIR offers an excellent choice of industrial-grade Power Clamp Meters engineered with advanced power analysis and variable frequency drive filtering functions required by electrical troubleshooters.

FLIR CM82 Power Clamp Meter Features

VFD Mode

Accurately analyze non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals in VFD-controlled equipment.

Harmonics Mode

Locate noise from different electrical draws to realign harmonics and reduce electro-mechanical equipment stress.

Phase Rotation

Analyze three-phase systems to measure power draw and verify if power is evenly balanced.

Inrush Current

Measure hard and soft start-up inrush current spikes while equipment is ramping up.

Power Factor and Active Power

Monitor power quality improvements, such as start-up realignments on three-phase equipment.

Bright Dual-LED Worklights

Make your work safer/easier in poorly lit locations – especially useful when the lights are out or obstacles block your inspection targets.

Rugged & Shock-Resistant

Double-molded case design and extra thick rubber on the corners absorbs shock to enhance job-site reliability and long-haul durability.

CM82 Power Clamp Specifications

Technical Summary
RangeBasic Accuracy
AC/DC Current600 A+/- 2%
AC/DC Voltage1000 V+/- 1% / 0.7%
AC VFD Voltage1000 V+/- 1%
Harmonics1st-25th Order+/- 5%
Total Harmonic Distortion0.0 to 99.9%+/- 3%
Inrush Current600 ACA Max (Integration Time 100 ms)+/- 3%
Active Power10 kW to 60 kW, (10 V, 5 A min)+/- 3%
Diode Test0.4 to 0.8 V+/- 0.1V
Capacitance3.999 mF Max+/- 1.9%
Resistance99.99 kΩ Max+/- 1%
Continuity Threshold30 Ω+/- 1%
Frequency20.00 Hz to 9.999 kHz+/- 0.5%
General Information
Jaw Opening37 mm (1.45”, 1000MCM)
Category RatingCAT IV-600V, CAT III-1000V
Bluetooth Range MaxN/A
Battery Type6 x AAA
WarrantyLimited Lifetime